If you want to find top talent for top roles, you need to fire on all cylinders. Your recruitment campaigns should be hard-hitting and far-reaching, spanning multiple channels to find only the best candidates.

But arguably the top channel you need to incorporate into your recruitment strategy is Instagram. It’s big, growing, and effective at engaging potential candidates. Read on to discover exactly why Instagram is the channel for you, and how you can nail it in 2019.

Why is Instagram good for recruitment?
Every good recruiter knows they should employ people, not just skill sets. While a solid CV goes a long way towards making a great candidate, employers and recruiters value people above all else.

Social media is the perfect channel for showcasing your organisation’s human side and creating people-centered connections with candidates.

Of course, there’s no shortage of social platforms for recruiters to develop a presence on. Between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there’s a plethora of channels that you can use to connect with potential candidates. But foremost amongst these is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest-growing social platforms around. Currently boasting more than a billion users at last count, Instagram is a fertile ground for sourcing new talent. And when the platform has at least 500 million daily active users that use it to engage with the content they love, it makes sense for recruiters to get a slice of the pie.

How to nail Instagram for recruitment
You know why Instagram is so good for recruitment. But what does a savvy Instagram strategy look like for recruiters in 2019? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create candidate spotlights to attract new talent
A great way to source new talent is by shining a spotlight on existing talent. The proof is in the pudding, and highlighting the many people you’ve helped land their dream role will do wonders for your Instagram recruitment strategy.

Create short video clips or image carousels that profile past candidates that you have successfully landed roles. Reach out to your past recruits and invite them in for a chat and a photoshoot — satisfied candidates will only be too happy to help.

Remember to tag your candidate and their new employer too. This helps strengthen your relationships with other businesses, while showing prospective candidates that their relationship with you doesn’t stop once they’ve landed a role — it has longevity and value.

Inject a little irreverence into your Instagram strategy
A good Instagram recruitment strategy is one that emphasises social over sales. While your content should naturally include job adverts, more light-hearted content goes a long way towards engaging potential recruits.

Behind-the-scenes snaps of your team at work are a good idea. These give your followers an insight into the people behind your business, increasing their trust and engagement with you as a result.

Similarly, inspirational or interesting quotes make for great, irreverent content that grabs user attention as they scroll through their feeds. They also generate discussion in the comments, increasing your chance of engaging talent on a personal level.

Quotes are a quick-win if your back is against the wall and your editorial calendar needs filling. Simply lean on free-to-use imagery and place a classy text overlay on top using an online image editor, and hey presto — instant (!) engaging content.

Go beyond a recruitment-driven approach and add a human touch to your Instagram strategy. Social media is all about connections, and visual content and thoughtful quotes will spark meaningful candidate connections and showcase your company culture.

Engage the right talent with the right hashtags
Hashtags are what connect people with content on Instagram. They are the binds that tie everything on the platform together, helping people find the photos, videos, accounts, and topics that they love.

Consequently, hashtags are how recruiters can find the top talent they need. Your approach should be twofold. Firstly, you should use recruitment-specific hashtags to get your content found. These are the obvious ones such as #nowhiring, #jobsearch, or #recruiting.

These should be combined with more industry-specific hashtags to get your content discovered by the right candidates. For example, if you’re employing in the ecommerce industry, you might use #ecommercejobs or #ecommerceprofessional.

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, the recommended number for best engagement is 11. Don’t put them in your caption either — adding them as the first comment on your post looks much neater.

Instagram isn’t just about #selfies and #gains. It’s also a great channel for attracting talent and helping candidates find their dream role. Use the tips above to create an effective Instagram recruitment strategy that gets you the best talent time and again.


Source: Kayleigh Alexandra, Micro Startups

Image: Pexels