First impressions count and employee onboarding is a critical process which forms the basis of a positive employee relationship. It ensures that new hires start contributing to the organisation’s profitability as quickly as possible, and promotes employee engagement from the word go.

A slick, fully branded online onboarding and induction process helps you show candidates that your business is innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and uber cool. Here are just a few reasons why management should consider automating this process :-

1. It saves everyone time and resources

Delivering contracts, forms and other induction materials using an automated system occurs instantaneously. Employees can in response accept, complete and return the documents within minutes and the information captured can be accessed by HR as and when required.

2.  It is more cost effective

There is no incremental cost to delivering onboarding material electronically versus hand printing and posting paper.

3. It improves engagement and compliance

Paperless onboarding creates an electronic audit trail that can be relied upon to prove that materials were delivered, read, accepted and completed. Training and learning can also be demonstrated with engaging online questionnaires and video demonstrations.

4. It provides real time metrics & insights

An automated system enables businesses to see who has seen, signed or completed content and track what phase of the onboarding or induction process the new hire is at. The systems also issue alerts and reminders to keep people moving through the process as efficiently as possible.

5. It is Cloud Based

This means you don’t need to develop bespoke software or buy / maintain servers to host these systems. Cloud is reliable and secure, hosted in cutting edge facilities with robust backup and disaster recovery infrastructures which can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

6. Privacy & Security Assurance

Employee data is protected and hosted electronically, and can only be accessed by the people that have permission to do so.

7. It is environmentally friendly

Going paperless is a great step in the direction of being more “green” and sustainable which will make your company more attractive to customers and candidates alike.