When businesses want to gain traction in their industry, they try to whip up the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies that put their brand to the top. And digital marketing is one of the first top choices for modern-day marketers.

The way consumers shop is constantly evolving. With that, brands and marketers should cater to this demand. They must consistently adjust their advertising tactics so their brands are in the loop. For one, more and more consumers prefer online shopping than physically going to the bricks-and-mortar shop to buy the things they want. In fact, a study shows that 59 percent of consumers prefer brands that offer online shopping.

If you haven’t whipped up the most convertible online advertising methods, here are a few to give you a head start.

Brush up on SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all the rage these days. Although you’ll need an expert to craft the most efficient SEO-friendly content, the fees are still relatively affordable than outdoor advertising.

SEO banks on keywords and hiring the best SEO experts can elevate your brand. One way to apply SEO is through your content marketing strategy. Ensure that you think of the most competitive and high-volume keywords to rank on the first pages of search engines.

When you reach the first pages of search engines, more users will see your brand. And hopefully, it will bring more conversions for you as well.

Invest in PPC

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is SEO’s counterpart. While SEO is deemed as “organic traffic,” PPC is paid traffic. This means, marketers, pay a particular amount depending on their budget for every time a user clicks on their ad.

Although this route is costlier than SEO, it also provides faster results. You no longer have to do keyword research and the whole nine yards. You only have to pay and your ads can get to the top of the search engine first pages.

Work with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is also gaining popularity within the marketing community. Compared to the conventional paid partnership advertising method, influencer marketing is more genuine and relatable. This is because brands choose their influencers carefully.

When working with influencers, ensure that the influencer’s values and principles align with your brand. According to a study, 63 percent of consumers would willingly buy from purpose-driven brands than those that put money at the forefront of their business.

Approaching macro-influencers might boost your brand more. But for startups and small businesses, this might not be possible due to costs. However, don’t neglect the smaller community of influencers. As long as both of you have similar audiences, you’ll likely attract some of them if the campaign is genuine and well-thought-out.

Take advantage of user-generated content

Social media marketing is also another robust channel for marketing your brand. There are over 3.80 billion social media users, according to a survey as of January 2020. If half of the world’s population is on socials, then there are huge opportunities for small and big businesses to garner sales from the biggest social networks.

What you can do is to take advantage of user-generated content. Try creating a contest or giveaway that involves participants through uploading content and tagging your social pages. By doing so, they are ACTUALLY doing the marketing for you.

Create personalised emails

There is a reason why 81 percent of small businesses rely on email for garnering leads and conversions. And that’s not a surprise. Email marketing is extremely effective, especially if you create personalised email newsletters.

The great thing about email marketing is there are many tools online that can target quality recipients, segment your email list, and most especially monitor results.


Digital marketing will continue to be in every marketer’s arsenal, especially in the coming years. As we move towards a digitally-centric world, we know almost all purchases will be done online. And now is high time brands should boost their online presence to stay above the competition.


Leanne Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveller who loves to write about digital marketing, seo, social media marketing, and more.