The past year has seen a record number of recruitment Startups become registered and funded in London, and as a result the number of recruitment demands for top talent has been on the rise.

Startups, particularly those funded by outside investors, go into business with growth being their forefront objective. However, expanding too quickly and doing too much too soon without the right manpower in place can have devastating consequences for any bright-eyed entrepreneur.  Having the right team in place is a known prerequisite for a funded Startup to scale with success.

Considerations when putting together your Startups recruitment strategy could include:-

1) Networking

Join as many relevant networking and forum groups as you can, particularly in the Shoreditch / Old Street area of London where you can immerse yourself with like-minded professionals who will be able to provide advice and moral support, as well as recommend and endorse relevant vendors and job-seekers.

2) Outsourcing Recruitment 

It is a no-brainer to outsource your recruitment to a trusted market specialist who can manage the job spec, resourcing and short-listing for your roles. It’s important though that you communicate regularly with your recruiter, especially where hot candidates are interested in your business model and are available to be interviewed. The good ones are snapped up quickly in the Startups world, so it’s key that you are able to act quickly when required.

3) Making interviewing your priority

It’s important that you understand that in order to make time you need to delegate, and in order to delegate you need the right team on board to do so. By investing time and effort heavily in the recruitment process in the short term will give you flexibility and breathing space to get on with business and growth further down the line.

4) Really selling your vision

Joining a startup can be seen as risky so you need to ensure that you sell your company, products and vision to those who are not yet on board, and this includes your recruiter. You need to ensure every touch point of your business is fuelled by energy and passion for what you do and believe.

5) Investing in the right leaders

We highly recommend investing in candidates with the right experience and niche qualities to manage teams within your business. The teams can be made up of intelligent, well-rounded grads who are highly capable and motivated to learn quickly and take your business to where it needs to be under the right leadership.

Finally, enjoy the roller coaster ride and make time to enjoy it

Owning your own business is one of the most exhilarating, enjoyable, professionally, financially and personally rewarding things you can ever do, especially when others recognise it as such and are motivated to make it a success under you. But it has to be enjoyable for your people as well so take time out to keep your business and the journey enjoyable.

If you are currently expanding and looking to outsource your recruitment process to a trusted niche specialist please get in touch with Chris Mason or Douglas Bates now.