Are you in urgent need of new staff as the epidemic storms? We’ve pulled together some steps you can take to enhance your employee recruitment process, even during the coronavirus crisis.

Background checks are essential to any organisation’s recruitment strategy – under normal circumstances. During these uncharted times caused by COVID-19, several court closures are posing difficulties in retrieving criminal records.

As a result, numerous businesses are being affected and are in an unsustainable situation in which recruiting managers assume they must sacrifice security for speed by failing to perform background checks (or undertaking second-rate screenings).

However, this shouldn’t be the case. No matter how hopeless things may appear, taking a few crucial steps and knowing when to call in the employee background checks experts, could mean the difference between safe hiring and potentially devastating results.

If you’re hiring at the moment, you can take tangible steps for speedy and secure recruitment – with thorough background checks, even during the pandemic.

Know the Importance of a Background Screening

Don’t underestimate the role and impact of background screening. It’s worth knowing what an employee background check involves and what it doesn’t.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind when it comes to a background screening:

  • Consider how long a background check takes to carry out
  • Think about the extent to which screening procedures are being affected by the epidemic
  • Ensure your company’s practices are fully compliant with the current rules and regulations
  • Considerations and best practices relevant to your industry.

These pointers are paramount to performing a successful background check. It could be worth bringing in the experts to help vet and screen applicants, saving your company time on employee checks.

Background screening providers offer a deeper understanding of the screening process, which may be extremely valuable when it comes to making important hiring decisions for vital roles.

Stay Informed

During the current crisis, there are numerous online resources containing all the latest updates, developments and best practices in court closures, screening, recruiting, safety guidelines and regulatory matters.

Here are just some of the online resources available:

Make the most of these resources, especially those specific to your industry, and you’ll stay abreast of the situation so you’re able to make calculated, knowledgeable hiring decisions.

Seize Flexible, No-Commitment Contracts

Companies don’t have to decide between fast recruitment and in-depth background checks that offer the secure company settings they’ve come to depend on.

As a result of coronavirus, several screening providers are offering companies the scope to recruit urgently and the capability to enter into flexible, no-commitment contracts. This means they can tweak their screening programs appropriately and employ staff quickly – even amid the crisis.

So, make sure you carry out your research, and, if you require a screening partner, take advantage of any readily available temporary arrangements that may be more suitable and economical than regular, longer-term contracts.

Recognise the Outcome of Poor Hire

Some businesses may decide for some employees to begin their position prior to any background checks being fully administered.

While there’s an undeniable requirement for crucial workers in certain frontline roles, it’s equally vital to understand the harmful effects of a poor hire – not only to your company, but to your clients, staff and wider community.

This is especially critical for jobs that involve working directly with the general public and vulnerable people.

All of these factors highlight the need for businesses to implement speedy, comprehensive background checks, particularly during the coronavirus.

Reach Out

During the current crisis and under other uncertain circumstances, it’s worth connecting and collaborating with partners in your industry rather than handling everything on your own. Look beyond yourself, your organisation and your frequently used resources.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Connect with partners in your industry – like sister companies, government advisors and industry societies – for ways to collaborate, expand your knowledge and communicate best practices.

Developing and reinforcing your set of contacts helps you become aware of evolving best practices, both in the short term and the long term.

Recruit Remotely When Feasible

Though social distancing parameters are still the norm, recruiting, onboarding and working remotely help safeguard the health and safety of your staff and applicants. 

Additionally, consider all the ways you can utilise technology when it comes to recruiting and boosting workflow.

Think about the following:

  • How up to date is your IT infrastructure?
  • Have you put guidelines in place that enable staff to work productively from home?
  • Are you hosting digital town halls that convey critical updates to your staff?

Not only are these imperative questions to consider during this period of social distancing, they’re also vital for the future, as businesses move into an unaccustomed ‘normal’ and the demand to scale a remote team unsurprisingly expands beyond crucial frontline positions.

Granted, these unprecedented times pose hurdles. But the present-day hiring and screening model offers a huge opportunity for companies to gain knowledge, benefit from previously untouched resources, adjust, and innovate, all while highlighting both hiring speed and security.

What’s more, looking beyond the current pandemic into the future means a new set of exceptional circumstances – influenced by employees coming back from remote work and furlough, and probably more organisations needing to hire quickly – will no doubt have an extensive effect on employers.

How do you efficiently boost your hiring, screening and onboarding strategies to sustain this incoming need? And how do you do this while concentrating on speed and in-depth background checks?

As events progress, the key value will remain: With clever, well-versed recruitment and background screening strategies, you’ll be able to hire speedily while also offering a degree of trust and security for your clients and staff – even amid the coronavirus as well as during the shift to a new normal.

By staying abreast of the situation via relevant news and developments, gaining a better understanding of what background checks involve and grasping opportunities available to your business, your company’s hiring process will be sure to succeed, not only during the pandemic but well into the future.