We all can observe that with an increasing boom in technology, the trend of having a remote workforce is being adopted worldwide. Today, almost every industry has some remote workforce besides having on-site workers. It is expected that virtual offices will be made in the near future and the physical existence of offices will be no more.

The idea of having a remote workforce is a win-win strategy for the employer and the employee alike. On one hand, it provides ease of working from home and on the other hand, the employer gets free the extra cost of allocating a place to an employee.

But will these remote employees stay motivated? What about the growth and development of these employees?

In this article, we will shed light on some useful growth strategies for the remote workforce. These strategies are discussed below:

  1. Make separate strategies for performance evaluation of remote employees

We can definitely not do a direct evaluation of the employee’s performance. We have to take steps to stay informed where they actually stand. For this, we can take some steps like:

  • Conducting meetings through video-chats and conferences. In this way, the employees will stay connected and employers can have a thorough discussion of different projects. Involve on-site employees in these meetings too. Besides this, we can use a project management tool for staying up to date regarding the employee’s work progress.
  • Arranging quarterly meet-ups is also a great idea. Employees will not mind if we ask them to document their contributions and progress of each project to be discussed in the meet-up.
  • Try to have frequent one-on-one discussions with remote employees. Keep discussing their progress and if they need any additional support and guidance.
  • Set targets and use tools to see if the employee has met their target for the deadline or not. The number of delays will automatically highlight his lacking and the number of projects submitted successfully on time will be shown automatically with a good rating.

These strategies provide meaningful information regarding remote employees. We can bring a drastic change in the remote workforce and keep them motivated for a longer time.

  • Arrange tools and events for the exchange of knowledge among employees
  • Use collaboration tools

You can easily find collaboration tools for remote employees online. These tools are a great source for sharing knowledge among employees. Employees can have routine discussions and chit chat on these forums. By taking an active part in these discussions, they can develop a good peer relationship which is helpful in their growth.

  • Arrange virtual events and breaks

None of us will find it great in just sitting at our desk from morning to evening without any interaction with our peers. Employees love breaks, especially when they get a chance to interact with other employees, share their knowledge and learn something from others. Arranging virtual events is a great way of creating a bond among employees. We can make these events interesting by asking employees to share their photos and videos. We can also celebrate different days in these events like friendship day, employee day, and pet day and so on.

For remote employees, one team can meet the members of other teams via video conferences. They can know where the other team is currently standing and what their work strategies are. They will also get a chance to meet their employers and have a nice time with them.

  • Give rise to remote learning

Learning in firms is considered highly important. How about a company in which there are no learning strategies for employees? That firm will surely lag behind because technology and tools are constantly innovating and there is a dire need to train employees at each step. Thus, learning is a secret tool of success.

Now, how these remote employees will learn? Employers are responsible for arranging remote learning. Thanks to the latest technology that has provided ease for remote employees to learn from the comfort of their home. We can take the following steps for remote learning:

  • Virtual workshops

Arranging virtual workshops is a great source of learning for all remote employees. These workshops will not only save the budget of the firm but will benefit the remote employees in learning new tactics. For instance, workshops can be arranged for letting the employees know about smart ways of working like shortcuts of MS Word, quick formulas of MS Office, best pdf reader and so on.

  • Free access to online libraries

For giving rise to remote learning, we can give our employers free access to online libraries. In this way, they will get motivated to learn better.

  • Educational allowance

There are a number of online courses and training programs. It is obvious that there is a certain fee for it. Many employees do not take these courses because of their charges. Giving an educational allowance will encourage them to take an active part in new courses.

  • Give them leadership opportunities

We can highlight the hidden talent of our employees by proving them leadership opportunities. This can be done by following some easy steps like:

  • Making them a team leader for some specific projects.
  • Arranging video conferences and let them give presentations as if they are giving it on site. Make sure to arrange on-site employees as the audience.
  • Creating programs where they can become team leaders and can mentor their subordinates. This will provide benefits to both the remote employees and the on-site subordinates.
  • Arranging shadowing programs for remote employees. These are the programs in which they copy the person they want to be in the future.

In short, the trend of having a remote workforce will keep increasing. It is imperative for all of us to keep these remote employees motivated. The responsibility of arranging programs and making strategies for their growth lies on the shoulder of the employer.

Article source: Arslan Hassan