Five ways company benefits benefit your business

Employees want more than just a salary – they want a future. In a competitive job market where loyalty and a ‘job for life’ becomes all the more elusive, it’s important to be alert. How can you be more creative and innovative in offering your people incentives to stay? According to stats from US-based SME […]


New Year, New You: how to be the best hire in 2018

Getting your dream job takes initiative and originality to beat out the fierce competition. How can you make yourself memorable and seal the deal? Create a campaign If you really see yourself in the job, then bring your original ideas to the table. Form a fully integrated and tailored campaign for the interviewer and their […]


Rising digital marketing trends for 2018

Happy New Year! The arrival of 2018 marks another year of trends and ideas in the digital marketing world. Let’s take a peek at what the top digital marketing brains are focusing on in the year ahead. Making content personal Content makes the digital world go round, especially in the lives of our customers. Personalised […]


Get more from the short winter days

In the run-up to Christmas, and with the dark hours of the Winter Solstice upon us, it’s hard to stay focused.  Between emails, social media and other demands, distraction abounds. How do you start clearing the mental clutter and avoid over-committing? Switch off, scale back and unsubscribe As a society we survive on our mobile […]


Let’s sing along!

Believe it or not, singing at work is a thing. Turning up the radio at work and singing along does actually its perks! But how can you do it without keeling over from cringe overload or annoying your team? The idea of singing at work has been around for hundreds of years. It was seen […]


3 key ways to tailor your CV for a Digital Marketing role

If you want your CV to stand out from the crowd for that Digital Marketing role, then you should switch up the way you approach building your CV. You have to market yourself (and your CV) as you would market a business. 1. Keep the format simple Like any CV, you don’t want it to […]


Let’s paws for a moment: how pets can save the day

Work can be ‘ruff’ on employees, especially with high stress, high pressure, and long hours. To counteract this, some companies are allowing colleagues to bring canine companions to work. Does it make good business sense? Your friendliest colleague The growing popularity of bringing pets to work (there’s even a Bring Your Dog to Work Day) […]


Are you Black Friday and Christmas shopping during work?

Stuck in front of computers and laptops all day, it’s increasingly normal to do some cheeky online shopping at work during business hours. And with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas still to come, it might hit your wallet – but can it impact your work reputation too? Looking over your shoulder? In 2014, research […]


How do you improve your company’s culture?

Your company’s culture is the beating heart of your business. At best, the core values it represents drives the business forward. At worst, it can break your team members’ morale. Is it contributing to churn in your company? But how do you improve your company culture? Here are some tips. When it’s bad, it’s really […]


Should non-smokers get fresh air breaks?

Are smokers getting away with sneaking in more break time than their non-smokers? Some people think so. A poll by vaping supplies firm Flavour Boss found nearly 80% of people feel that way. And 58% of those who took the poll think that non-smokers should be entitled to the same breaks as smokers. Why could […]

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