Which personality firework are you?

It’s that time of year…. Bonfire Night is just around the corner! So the question is, are you the office firecracker? We take a look at the mixed bag of personalities you find in the office. From the rowdy ‘rockets’ to the shy ‘sparklers’. How do you manage them? The Roman Candle If you didn’t […]


Is the office booze-up a thing of Christmas past?

It’s that time of year when we’re starting to think about the office Christmas party. It gives companies a chance to reward their hard-working employees, but are some people taking it too far and letting their behaviour ruin the festivities? We have created a culture here in the UK whereby the ‘Office Christmas party’ is […]


Join us at JAM!

  Intelligent People are proud sponsors of the JAM Conference – the unmissable rendezvous for product people. Join us and 600 curious makers at Hawker House in London on 1st November 2018 to hear no-nonsense stories, meet friendly people and eat great food together JAM is all about sharing raw, honest stories of what goes […]


5 Marketing Disciplines That Are Essential To Online Businesses

Any e-commerce blog or resource will tell you that the most important part of running an online business is your marketing. It’s what makes your business stand out against the competition, so it’s worth getting it right. To help you get your marketing game on-point, let’s run through the five marketing disciplines that are essential […]


Easily Improving Your Facebook Ad Targeting

By Anna Hubbel, staff writer at AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising company As a Facebook advertising company (or individual advertiser if you’re the independent, lone wolf type) it is in your best interest to make sure your ad resonates with the right audience, otherwise your results will plummet and your costs will skyrocket. If your ad […]


Why Ecommerce Brands Are Looking For T-Shaped Marketers

Every industry prioritises different traits and skills, because roles vary wildly. A factory worker needs in-depth knowledge of a specific set of actions and processes, for instance, while a supply teacher is most useful with a basic understanding of just about every subject taught at that particular school level. Since the broader promotional machine has […]


What Would Gareth Do? Improving Your Resilience at Work

The World Cup dream may have died, but the legacy of the resilience of the England team will live on.  Gareth Southgate’s leadership has been universally applauded, and lessons from his approach can be taken into the business world. “The questions around us principally come down to character, the essential ability to withstand events that […]



  At the recent Times CEO Summit, Chief Executives admitted that efforts to improve gender diversity at some of the UK’s largest businesses have not worked. The government introduced gender pay gap reporting in 2017 for all businesses with more than 250 employees, to tackle pay inequality between men and women. The average pay gap […]


Beating the tweet – handling negative online feedback

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” Bill Gates Great customer relations have always been important in business, but now the stakes are much higher as unhappy clients can go straight to the company’s social media platforms to make their complaint. Twitter has become the go-to channel for people to vent frustrations, […]


When does office banter cross the line?

In many offices, where a team have been together for some time, a culture of good-natured teasing and humorous insults can develop.  Banter is friendly and most importantly, an exchange. It is neither designed to, nor has the effect of, shaming, upsetting, belittling, offending or otherwise making anyone hearing it uncomfortable. It is a shared […]

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