Digital Revenue Engine: what is it, and why do you need it?

With the commercial world rapidly evolving online, it’s crucial to get the edge on converting customers. The Digital Revenue Engine (DRE) model is the formula to do exactly that – so here’s a rough guide to what you need to know. What the DRE does Simply put, it combines software tools and marketing techniques to […]


The bearded truth: What does your beard say about you?

For any man who sports facial hair, whether it’s a goatee, moustache, stubble, full-length beard or sideburns, how it’s worn says a lot about you. After all, people judge a book by its cover. Which begs the question: what does a beard or no beard say about the man? Let’s look at some research Men’s […]


Six ways your desk job is harming your health

Ever thought your desk job would be the death of you? The daily grind of a desk job can wreak havoc on the human body – but what are the dangers and how do you deal with them? Slouching postures and inactivity can trigger ailments such as a stiff neck, blurry eyes and a throbbing […]


Growth Hacking: The 8 skills you need to grow your business today – and why

What’s a ‘Growth Hacker’? According to entrepreneur Sean Ellis, it’s ‘a person whose true north is growth’. In practical terms, it’s a coder-slash-marketer who works quickly you grow their business. And he may have been onto something, since he used that principle to grow businesses such as Dropbox and Eventbrite, each now worth billion-dollar fortunes. […]


Who’s Big on Parental Leave?

Starting a family marks a whole new chapter in your life – but it shouldn’t mean a choice between your family and your career. Big corporations are recognising the need to get their acts together to support employees who start families. And not before time! But who’s coming top of the parental leave league tables? […]


The Gender Pay Gap: Are Women Equal to Men?

International Women’s Day on the 8th March marks the equality rights and achievements of women across the world. But in the world of work, do women see that reflected in their pay packets, compared to their male counterparts? Is there a gender pay gap? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, according to government figures reported […]


Music to our ears: Should we listen to music in the office?

Few things can start a debate in the office like whether or not to play music. Turn on the radio and see what happens – you’ll either see ears pricking up happily, or irritated frowns. For many, music has motivational benefits that can boost productivity, and for others it serves merely as a nuisance and […]


Insider knowledge: how to compete against internal candidates

We’ll cut to the chase: it’s easier for companies to recruit internally, which makes it all the more impressive when great external candidates like you get seen. We know how disappointing it is to get shortlisted for a fantastic position, only to be told that someone on the inside has snatched it up. So when […]


Look To The Stars: Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Are You?

Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on the 16th February, marking the Year of the Dog. Let’s take a look at the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac, and discover what each means for your career. Year of the Rat People born in the year of the Rat are renowned for their business acumen and […]


How to Get the Social Media Love

With social media now an employment matchmaking machine, how do you get noticed in a saturated market? In the employment game, social media carries some weight. About 56% of UK-based HR professionals say that your profiles influence your chances of getting hired. We take a look at some of the ways to attract attention, and […]

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