How to lose top talent: have you got the hiring process from hell?

The best people in the business know their worth, and are willing to take a leap. We know that the recruitment process takes time: careful planning, screening methods, budget, internal politics. But your candidates don’t care about that! Here’s why it’s in your interest to cut to the chase and get the best talent on […]


How to keep healthy this winter

‘Tis the season for colds and flu, and with that double threat on the horizon, it’s time to take care of your health and wellbeing in the workplace! Who’s got time to be unwell? Nobody. So follow our top tips for staying healthy this winter as the temperature drops… Clean that desk! Did you know […]


Workin’ 9 to 5? Working hours around the world

As a wise woman once said: “Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’”, and decades on those words still resonate – they’re the standard core hours for most. But how do other countries stack up against the UK for time clocked up? Who works the most – and the least? Research […]


Choosing your job offer: 7 questions to ask yourself

So you’ve landed that job offer… and another one, too. Well done – now, how do you make your choice between two (or more) tempting deals? Accepting an offer is a decision you have to make quickly; it’s a real leap of faith. These questions will help you cut through the noise of vested professional, […]


No ‘I’ in team: the importance of team-building

We spend most of our daily lives day in and day out with colleagues, so is it any wonder team building is so important? We look at the four main ways it can benefit your business – and we give you seven ways to do it without walking on hot coals… Four ways team-building can […]


On your bike! Why cycling to work is your next power move

Fed up with the daily grind of traffic jams and overcrowded buses or trains? Cycle to Work Day (yes, that’s a thing) is just around the corner, and we’re looking at reasons to don the Lycra and hit the road with the Cycle to Work scheme. The rise of ‘pedal power’ across the UK is […]


Is flexible working the new 9-5?

The summer holidays are over and the new school term has begun. If there are mothers and fathers in your team or department – maybe you have a family yourself? – then you’ll know the challenge of juggling work and family all too well. How can you make flexible working work for you? Looking into […]


Phoning it in: how to give a great phone interview

So, you’ve passed the initial CV stage – next up is that all-important phone or Skype interview. Even if it’s just ten or fifteen minutes, what you say and how you project yourself over the phone determines whether you get to the next level. How should you prepare for that initial conversation? We give you […]


6 ways to spot the top-notch employee

Every company wants the best talent; finding and hiring top-notch recruits can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. How do you train your eye to see the brilliance in your midst? Not everyone can fall back on decades of experience or the gift of intuition, and we know you’re expected to have these […]


Survive the interview: 7 essential tips

Successful interviews are all about the basics: preparation and attitude. Seems obvious, but errors are easy to make when the pressure is on. We’ve got 7 quick and effective job interview tips and strategies for getting you from shortlist to offer… BEFORE THE INTERVIEW 1. Get an information pack together Have a good look at […]

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