Is unlimited holiday time a good thing?

Or too much of a good thing? It’s not easy to see the long-term benefit of letting employees take as much time off as they need, but we’ve found some definite pros – and ways to make it work for your business. If it’s good enough for Netflix… And that’s to drop one big name. […]


The workaholic’s 8-step guide to holidays

Holiday season is upon us! Are you off anywhere nice, but feel stressed out by the thought of switching off from work? Here’s some step-by-step tips on unplugging and enjoying your getaway, and we’ve broken them down into three phases. This is your time to step away from all devices and take a well-earned break. […]


Game on! Don’t get a red card during sports season

With Wimbledon underway, and other major sporting activities on the horizon, we know that the office can go into slight meltdown when crucial games are on. How do you keep your teams productive and engaged? 1. Keep the liquid lunches from flowing too freely Depending on your company’s stance on alcohol (somewhere between ‘none’ and […]


Ready for a pay rise? 6 ways to win the wage war

Nobody likes to talk about money, but lots of us feel undervalued, overworked, and underpaid. How do you put forward the business case of your career: getting a pay rise? Here are six ways to fight your corner and get the em,usive salary increase. 1. Prove your worth Showing up to the table with no […]


Wake up to duvet days: are they good for business?

With sick days and staff absences costing UK businesses nearly £30 billion pounds a year, ‘duvet days’ may end the age-old problem of ‘throwing a sickie’. But what are duvet days, and how can they work for you? What are duvet days? The concept of duvet days took off across the UK and US, where […]


Five ways to fight the post-festival blues

Festival season is here and the big one – Glastonbury – is soon approaching. And you know what that means: no work emails, just throbbing beats and fun in the sun (fingers crossed)… before getting back to reality. Here are five ways to feel good after a festival. 1. Power up Your liver never takes […]


Is your coffee consumption becoming supersized?

Whether yours is a flat white, espresso or a straight black Americano, that daily dose of caffeine alerts the senses, sharpens the mind and kick-starts the day. But how much is too much? Every morning, we see how society runs on coffee. The coffee shops are packed with punters anxious to get their hit to […]


How do you mix business with pleasure?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Never mix business with pleasure’. But in a working culture where the average person spends a staggering 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, ‘never say never’ seems more appropriate. Let’s look at the main pros and cons of staying after hours. PROS It’s good for your career According to […]


Are you on the brink? It’s time to address your work-life balance

If you’re feeling frazzled from working long hours, it’s time to evaluate your work-life balance. Here are a few readjustments to get you back on the right track. The effect of overwork The pressure of work can impact your long-term mental and physical wellbeing. According to 2010 figures from mental health charity Mind (reported in […]



Work, work, work. Sound familiar? Endless hours in the office, piles of paperwork, skipped lunch breaks and overtime can leave you with no resting time for a holiday. How do you make the most of your holiday time? ‘Vacationitis’ is real According to Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a tongue-in-cheek 2013 report showed that Brits get […]

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