Work, work, work. Sound familiar? Endless hours in the office, piles of paperwork, skipped lunch breaks and overtime can leave you with no resting time for a holiday. How do you make the most of your holiday time? ‘Vacationitis’ is real According to Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a tongue-in-cheek 2013 report showed that Brits get […]


Three ways you’re annoying your colleagues… and how to fix them

We’re all creatures of habit; some good, some bad. Day after day we troop into the office, settle at our desks, and begin the day’s work… of annoying our colleagues. We’ve all been there, so here are the top office offences and how to put them right. Offices are hotbeds of miscommunication, politics and friction, […]


Power up your CV in 6 easy steps

It’s tough out there in the job market! You need more than a CV rich with qualifications and archives of experience to guarantee an interview. Find out what recruiters are looking for – and why – and how you can punch up your CV to get noticed with these 6 easy CV writing tips. 1. […]


Six ways to protect your passwords

If you’re head scratching over your growing list of passwords, then you’re not alone. The 4th of May marks World Password Day (yes, that’s a thing) – and even though passwords could soon be a thing of the past, we’ve six simple tips to keep your online life secure. 1. Make your password hard to […]


The 8 best startups in town

London is certainly giving Silicon Valley a run for its money in the innovation stakes. With St. George’s day just gone, we fly the flag for some of the best startups coming out of the English capital… 1. Food: Since its debut back in 2015, the high-end food delivery service has achieved a tasty […]


The gender pay gap: is it still a man’s world?

Did you know that the Queen (whose birthday is just around the corner) makes £45 million a year? That’s a lot of cake – but when it comes to salary, are women everywhere getting a fair slice? Is there still a gender pay gap? A small slice, even for those at the top The Independent […]


Married to the mobile? Let’s disconnect this Easter

Our mobiles are the centre of our lives – at least, that’s what it feels like. With the Easter holidays approaching (or here, for some of you), it should be a great time to disconnect from the daily grind and spend some time in the real world. But if you’re finding it a struggle, how […]


Are they ready for the hot seat? The 7 best interview questions you can ask

In a time where finding talent can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, you need sharp interview questions to pinpoint your next hire. We’ve got seven of the best – you may have heard them before, but do you know what they reveal? The purpose of interviewing is to peel a polished CV […]


Placement Figures in the Digital & eCommerce Sector by Industry

The UK digital economy is quoted to be growing at twice the rate of the wider economy, contributing around £97bn a year. The result is, of course, a rise in the number of jobs in digital tech, growing at twice the rate of non-digital tech roles according to the Telegraph’s latest figures. This is great […]



If interviews make you feel like a rabbit caught in headlights, you’re not the only one. Luckily, we’ve got 4 easy-to-remember interview tips and strategies for easing those pre-interview nerves… We’ll be honest: interviews can feel pretty hard going. If it’s not one-on-one, you might be outnumbered by panellists grilling you at every turn about […]

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